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~twenty one pilots piano masterpost~


so a couple of you mentioned that you’d like a masterpost of twenty one pilots sheet music so I did a bit of digging and found a handful of free sheets made by some lovely folks who I credited when I could. I also included all the tutorial videos I could find for songs without sheets and some…


endless list of flawless people - joshua dun

"You wait around for 22 hours in a day for 2 hours on stage. That’s what it’s about, the time that you have in a room full of people to share songs with them and see if they resonate with others."

paisley & a hawaiian
Ode To Sleep (Split) / twenty one pilots


ode to sleep (split) - twenty one pilots

the left ear is the version from regional at best.

the right ear is the version from vessel.

Vessel is the third studio album from American duo Twenty One Pilots which was released on January 8, 2013 through Fueled by Ramen.


twenty one pilots — (insp) (x,x,x,x)

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