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@joshuadun: I love you, Debby.

@debbyryan: @joshuadun Please keep doing that.

hey guys, sorry if i haven’t been updating this blog much, i’ve just been really busy! i promise i haven’t forgotten about you guys <3 also if you’ve sent me a message, i may reply a little late because i don’t get notifications of new asks to this blog and i’m not sure how to change it :( also since i’m on tumblr mobile a lot it makes it extra hard to see messages, i apologise but don’t stop sending them!

squintyeyesandblueties sent: Hi! Im new toTwenty One Pilots and omg i die they're perfect i love them, but i was wondering what stay street, stay alive means? Thanks!

yay, welcome to the clique! and if i remember correctly, stay street was something josh first said in their street team video, as for its meaning, i like to think of it as subjective- it’s entirely your interpretation :)

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»Twenty One Pilots discusses Halloween and sharing candy

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i’ll put you on the map
i’ll cure you of disease

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Twenty One Questions for the Clique


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  1. What is your favorite Twenty One Pilots album?
  2. What is your favorite Twenty One Pilots song?
  3. Which lyrics are the most meaningful to you?
  4. Have you seen them live? If so, which was your favorite song to see live?
  5. Who…

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